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Seattle Boat Company
Seattle Boat Company
Seattle Boat Company
Seattle Boat Company


1) Do you offer partial contracts.
All SkyLaunch facilities require annual lease agreements, renewing on June 1st of each year.

2) I've filled out all the paperwork needed to become a tenant. Now what?
Email your paperwork to us in advance, or bring your it with you when you deliver your boat our SkyLaunch location. marina@seattleboat.com

3) Do I need to make an appointment to drop off my boat?
Yes. We like to go over all paperwork and orientations Monday thru Thursday. Once completed, you can drop off your boat anytime.

4) Do you require first and/or last month's deposit?
There is no deposit necessary. Moorage payments are processed monthly; all storage agreements that are initiated after the first day of month will be prorated on the number of days of storage for that month.

5) Can I pick out my slip?
Seattle Boat Company will assign you a slip based on size and availability.

6) Do you store trailers?
Absolutely! Learn more about Trailer Storage here.

7) How long does it take to get the boat in the water?
SkyLaunch Marina tenants utilize a simple and intuitive online scheduler to communicate all boat movement requests to our operators. Select the most convenient launch time as soon as 30 minutes out.

8) Can I stay out past closing time? 
Sure! We make every effort possible for you to have an area on our docks to securely tie up your boat upon your after-hours return. Boats will be returned to their slip the next morning.

9) What are the hours of operation?

Hours of operation vary by location:

  1. Seattle SkyLaunch Hours
  2. Lake Union SkyLaunch Hours
  3. Newport SkyLaunch Hours